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"Cash from Clunkers"

A new program
designed to save you $$$

Deduct 10% from the lowest responsible bidders price* for equal lockers as manufactured by Keystone Locker Company, Cleveland, Ohio.

You read right. Take the lowest locker price you can get and we'll beat it by 10%.* Because it's payback time.

You know all those "Clunkers" that bid direct to contractors dropping the ball project-by-project with late deliveries, quality problems and circus installation operations because they don't appreciate or understand how to perform on construction projects. Don't get stuck with a Clunker again just because a Clunker is specified. Contact today and see the difference for yourself.

Program Details:

  • Take 10% off the lowest responsible bidder's price* for your Section 10500 Locker Requirements;
  • Provide us with a copy of the project specification, price estimate from a responsible bidder*, and we'll provide shop drawings & samples to go along with your substitution request form for lockers as manufactured byKeystone Locker Companyof Cleveland, Ohio (;
  • You don't even have to write us a contract until the submittal is approved;
  • For Pennsylvania customers, Keystone Lockers will be manufactured to meet the PA Steel Products Procurement Act.

Keystone Lockers are manufactured from the highest quality steel using their state of the art tooling and powder coating process. These are extremely well-made lockers constructed with practicality and durability in mind. Keystone Lockers are available in KD or All-Welded models. VisitKeystone Locker Companyto view their lockers, download their catalog or specifications.

* Reponsible bidder means that the locker manufacturer is listed in the specifications. reserves the right to refuse any quotations, or specifications that we feel have been fabricated. Manufacturers are not going to like our "Cash from Clunkers" Program; However, we're in business to move quality product at affordable prices, not to please the Clunkers who may attempt some shenanigan such as giving a dealer or GC a quotation at their cost in an attempt to bamboozle us.

Enough horsing around with these Clunkers who badmouth anyone trying to take their precious market share by playing fairly. The gloves are off. Call us today at(888) 446-5797if you'd like more information about our program and how we will save you a significant amount of money. proudly represents Keystone Lockers and Interior/Medart LockersCopyright 2009 �
� All Rights Reserved

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