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Interior/MEDART Locker Assembly Instructions

Interior/MEDART Lockers are available pre-assembled or knocked-down (KD). The following instructions are provided as a guideline for assembling a standard set of three-wide lockers.

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This document is a basic assembly guide for all locker types.

You may assemble these lockers standing up; however, it is easier to assemble (and less stressful on your back) if you utilize two sawhorses for the locker assembly, or a table large enough to support a 78" locker and about 150 lbs. of weight.

A few things to first consider:

  • You can use nuts & bolts or rivets to assemble the lockers. All the nuts & bolts (and coat hooks) you need are included in your hardware kit;
  • All sides, backs and shelves should be bolted in before moving on the next step. If the locker you are assembling is a single-wide locker, then bolt in both rear angle legs;
  • Use a thin phillips head screwdriver or other round piece of metal to assist in lining up the holes;
  • Tighten all nuts & bolts after you have completed the locker assembly to ensure maximum product strengths and usability.

Figure 1

Start your locker assembly by unpacking your unit pack kit and seperating the locker components.

You'll first be putting together one side, a back and a rear locker leg.

Have your nuts and screws handy, as well as your ratchet set and/or wrenches.

You'll notice the holes on the side panel match the back panel. The side panel goes on the inside of the back panel.

Figure 2

Bolt the rear leg after attaching the two panels.

Hint: Do not tightly fasten the nuts and bolts at first. Put the side and back together and get all the screws and nuts on, then tighten them.

Figure 3

Next step is attaching the top, bottom and hat shelves. The flat top shelf and the bottom are the same; the hat shelf has a flat lip coming down on the front of it.

After securing the three shelves, attach the coat hooks.

Next you’ll be laying down another back panel and essentially repeating what you've done so far.

Figure 4

Lay down another back panel to the right of the unit. Place and attach nuts & bolts to the holes with the exception of those holes which will be needed for the shelves.

Again, wait until you have all the nuts & bolts in place before you tighten them snugly.

If the holes aren't lining up tight, use a thin phillips head screwdriver to adjust the backs and sides so the holes line up.

Figure 5

Repeat the process of attaching the three shelves, making sure the hat shelf with the flat front lip is positioned correctly.

You'll notice that you're not adding more back legs (yet). This will come when you add the third unit.

Add the coat hooks as you did the previous unit.

Figure 6

Attach another side panel.

This set of three-wide locekers has a total of four sides--a left and right panel, and two shared side panels. This panel is the second shared panel.

After completing this step, lay down and attach another back panel.

Figure 7

Add the three shelves, coat hooks and your final end panel to the unit. Remember that the final side panel goes inside the back panel.

Once this step is complete, go around the locker and make sure all your nuts and bolts are in place and are adequately tightened.

Figure 8

Place the locker door and frame assemblies into position.

Make sure that the bottom and sides are inside the door frames.

Bolt the doors to the bottom, top and sides of the locker.

Since the front legs and recessed handle/latching mechanism are attached to the locker doors, all that remains is to attach the number plates at the top of the door.

If you're mounting multiple sets of lockers together, you can omit the bolts on the far right locker side. Another option is to simply build your next three-wide unit as you just did, and fasten the two (or three) sets of lockers with nuts and bolts through the holes in the center of the locker side panels.

Thank you for choosing Interior/MEDART Lockers.

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