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Firemens Lockers by LockersNow.com

Firemens Lockers by LockersNow.com Turn-Out Style Open Face Lockers are designed with First Responders--Police, Firemen, Hazmat Crews, Paramedics, Military etc.--in mind. With an open front and perforated sides, these lockers provide a fully ventilated space for storage of gear or other items.

Firemens Lockers by LockersNow.com are available unassembled (KD) or with all-welded construction. Factory assembly is also available, ideal when you want to just line up and mount the lockers, have a tight project time frame, or simply don't want the hassle of assembling the lockers yourself.

Firemens Lockers by LockersNow.com Firehouse Lockers come in a variety of colors to suit any requirement. We also paint our lockers in custom colors to match any designer’s requirement. If there’s a powder that matches, we can paint it.


Our Firemans Lockers by LockersNow.com lockers are 72" high and available in a variety of depths and widths (see size chart below). With solid construction, an advanced powder coat finish and a variety of configuration options, these lockers provide the durability, strength and functionality necessary for today's modern locker rooms.

Firehouse Lockers by LockersNow.com lockers come in the following configurations:

  • Locker shell & shelf;

  • Locker shell, shelf & footlocker;

  • Locker shell, shelf & security box (upper shelf);

  • Locker shell, shelf, footlocker & security box;

  • Optional integral 4" welded base on welded Firemens Lockers by LockersNow.com;

  • All lockers available All-welded or KD construction.

Below are the standard sizes of our Firehouse Lockers. We also welcome the opportunity to work with you on custom sizes and configurations for your Firehouse Locker, Police Locker, Military Locker and Emergency Services Locker Requirement. If you're ready for pricing, request a locker quotation for any of these lockers in KD or all-welded construction.

Firemens Lockers by LockersNow.com

(per opening)

All-Welded Firemens Lockers by LockersNow.com

(per opening)

18" 18" 72" 18" 18" 72"
24" 18" 72" 24" 18" 72"
24" 21" 72" 24" 21" 72"
24" 24" 72" 24" 24" 72"
33" 18" 72" 33" 18" 72"
33" 21" 72" 33" 21" 72"
33" 24" 72" 33" 24" 72"
All-welded open-face lockers are available with an optional 4" welded base.
All lockers available rivited or welded.
Optional features include security box & foot locker with a hinged, reinforced seat at the base.

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